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We equip spacecraft with AI to improve power efficiency, throughput and performance.
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Nervous Signals
Nervous Signals

Why Us?

Igniting the Neuromorphic Revolution of Space
As pioneers and trusted partners in the field of neuromorphic technology for space and edge computing applications, Neurobus offers cutting-edge, low-power, high-performance solutions inspired by the brain's architecture. We're committed to advance these sectors by enhancing data processing, analytical capabilities, and operational efficiency.


Transcending Limits, Powering the Future of AI
The progress of AI has leaned on increasing the number of transistors per unit area to manage power consumption while meeting escalating computing demands. As we approach the physical limits of transistor sizes, it becomes vital to explore alternative computing principles.Neuromorphic computing is our answer to this challenge. Inspired by biological systems like the retina and brain, we harness neuromorphic sensors, algorithms, and hardware that process information closer to how these biological models operate compared to conventional computer architectures.
Neurobus' neuromorphic technology offers revolutionary applications across diverse domains:
Harnessing Advanced Technologies for Space Exploration
At Neurobus, we're harnessing the power of neuromorphic computing to transform space technology. Our innovative solutions are designed to enhance redefine the way we interact with space.


Shaping the FutureOur team is a dynamic blend of strategic business thinkers, innovative engineers, and inquisitive scientists, all united under a shared passion for pushing the frontiers of neuromorphic technology. Every individual brings a unique perspective and invaluable expertise, contributing to our collective drive to redefine the future of space technology. If you're ready to become part of our journey, we invite you to explore who we are and the groundbreaking work we do at Neurobus.
Florian CorgnouCEO & Co-Founder
Florian Corgnou
Dr. Gregor LenzCTO & Co-Founder
Dr. Simeon BamfordDirector of Engineering & Board Member


Guiding Our Journey to the Stars.
At Neurobus, our values are more than just words - they are the guiding principles that shape our actions, decisions, and innovations. As we navigate the exciting landscape of space technology and neuromorphic computing, these values keep us grounded and focused on our mission.


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